International Partners

IVS® provide vision inspection machines, vision systems, smart cameras and complete special purpose machines to customers around the world. Our dedicated engineering team have international engineering experience in all aspects of machine vision and industrial automation control. Dependent on your requirements you can work directly with IVS or we can refer you to one of our preferred partners around the world. The map below shows the regions around the world where our systems are operational. Please contact us for further information.


For the european market you can contact IVS directly via email at, we have customers throughout Europe and our team can deal with you directly. Alternatively contact the nearest distributor directly.



Phone: +33 2 99 62 86 11

Brazil and South America

Phone: +55 47 3027 3444

South Korea

Phone: +31-381-7130


Phone: +81 (3) 5910 2256

USA and North America  

Phone: +1 (630) 932 9380


Phone: +49 (0) 71 46 89 56-0