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Image Archiving

Manufacturers increasingly need vision systems for image archiving during the production process. Having a simple image record archive of every product manufactured tagged with the serial number, date, time and batch number is now a useful tool in the modern production line.

IVS provide multi camera image archiving and recording vision systems to allow all elements of the production line to be captured at all times of the day. In case of quality complaints from customers images and data can be recalled allowing you peace of mind and information to provide to your customer, proving the state of the products as they left your factory.

Our vision systems for image capture and archiving are simple to set-up and provide round the clock supervision and capture of your production process. There is no limit to the number of cameras which can be attached to the system as everything is provided via Ethernet connection.  Images and data are presented in a easy to see format allowing you to quickly email your customer with all the relevant data in case of queries.

Our systems can save many years of data giving you a record of every product leaving your factory for years to come. Warranty claims can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by your engineers. Safeguard your production.


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