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Factory environments can be hostile environments for the vision system with changing ambient lighting, dust and debris and changing surface conditions of parts and components. One of the important aspects of any machine vision system is the ability to pre-process an image, i.e. the ability to manipulate the captured image to provide better contrast and enhancement prior to image processing.

Our solutions include some of the most powerful image pre-processing tools available to compensate dynamically for these issues. Our machine vision solutions are able to cope with - and compensate for - environmental and part changes in real time. This makes dynamic inspection, quality control and verification possible in extreme conditions, such as low light or on poor surfaces.

Our vision systems provide out of the box support for geometric correction and image warping, contrast and brightness correction, filters to remove noise and sharpen contrast and real-time calibration back to real world units.
The benefit for you? Smarter vision systems designed for factory environments where conditions can be hostile and challenging.

Our systems have one of the largest range of filter options in the vision systems industry for extensive pre-processing images

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