Surface Inspection

By pinpointing any contamination, scratches, cracks, discolouration or inclusions at high speeds, our integrated vision systems enable quality control, increased yield, reduced waste and the delivery of superior products.Find cracks. flaws, dents, wrinkles, scratches, inclusion, contaminents and surface defects

Their proven, robust algorithms, combined with advanced pre-processing filtering, are used to detect flaws and in surface inspection applications in a wide range of industries.

The systems allow irregular pattern structures and surface deviations to be assessed and measured and can be used to provide comprehensive reports and statistical process control (SPC) data on the size, position and structure of any defects detected.NeuroCheck algorithms combine with pre-processing filtering allow greater surface inspection

Linescan systems are used for continuous web inspection applications and to “unwrap” cylindrical surfaces and edges. They also play a key role in checking plastic, film, paper, glass, fibreglass, laminates, metal and coatings.

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