Our vision systems and inspection machines for the automotive industry offer precise, high-speed, non-contact inspection, guidance and verification.

Automotive Industry Solutions

Automotive Industry Solutions

Automated Inspection and Guidance for the Automotive Industry

Every production process, manufacturing line and process within automotive production can be improved with machine vision. For over 20 years leading OEMs and tier-1 & 2 suppliers worldwide have been using our ai-enabled vision systems in production.

Quality Assurance Made Easy

Typical Automotive Applications

  • Quality checks on electric vehicle (EV) battery production
  • Surface inspection for powertrain parts
  • Engine checks and verification
  • Wheel fastener and tyre inspection
  • Check for clips, nuts, inserts and completeness
  • Brake callipers, pads and component checks
  • Transmission assembly quality verification
  • Poke-yoke inspection benches
  • Electric vehicle battery surface inspection
  • EV power electronic checks
  • Body-in-White inspection cells
  • Error proofing component inspection
  • Read box labels and check logistic movements
  • Robot guidance and control
  • Mould short and flash detection
  • Connector inspection for electronic control modules
  • Bead and seal verification
  • Automotive final assembly checks
  • Gap and flush inspection
  • Trim and final assembly inspection cells
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) code inspection
  • Instrument cluster inspection
  • Transmission control module checks
  • Anode and cathode electric battery verification

Simple and reliable systems designed by experts

Explore some of the key features and benefits of using an IVS system for your automotive process

  • Deep Industry Knowledge

Our long heritage speaks for itself. With over 20 years’ experience in providing solutions to the automotive industry – you can trust us with your projects. Proven technology, easily deployed.

  • Latest Generation Vision

Our class-leading, ai-enabled, deep learning machine vision systems offer state-of-the art inspection, guidance and sorting. Comprehensive reporting, failure and metric visuals.

  • Flexible Inspection

Our machine vision solutions safeguard your quality. Flexible and adaptable, with everything from presence verification and measurement, through to product and assembly checking.

Defect Detection

Defect Detection

Powerful and fast algorithms

IVS® leverages artificial intelligence (ai) to automatically find automotive product defects and anomalies as they happen, during the manufacturing cycle. We provide your production supervisors with real-time data at their fingertips, recognising yield drift, quarantining suspect products and keeping your management in the loop with real statistics – allowing you to deliver 100% automatically inspected product out of the door, with meaningful data behind it.

Precision inspection across the entire automotive manufacturing floor. Vision system cameras can be used at almost every stage of production, from single component checks for dimensional accuracy, through to complete car conformance to specification. From the smallest nut, up to the complete car – we allow you to deliver superior products with zero parts per million failures.

Complete Machine Vision Portfolio

Trusted technologies to automate better

IVS® offer an extensive portfolio of cameras, systems and solutions for all area of automotive manufacturing. Ranging from smart camera solutions and in-process inspection cells, through to fully-integrated robot inspection cells. Our systems are highly versatile and easy to set-up. 3D vision systems, 2D machine vision and multi-camera inspection are all supported within the IVS family.

Increase productivity, eliminate manual errors and improve the flexibility in your manufacturing cycle. Using machine vision provides workers with the opportunity to assume new, higher value roles and responsibilities within the organisation – leaving the automatic inspection, guidance and verification to the automated vision systems. All aspects of automotive manufacturing can benefit from applying machine vision automation, from process automation and manufacturing control, through to materials handling and storage. Check goods as they arrive, during manufacturing and as a final inspection before they leave the factory.

Complete Machine Vision Portfolio
Factory Automation

Factory Automation

Make manual tasks automatic. Maximise quality and stop quality escapes.

We help in your race to automate more production processes by utilising industrial automation, robotics and vision systems. Automate traditional manual processes to minimise your task time, increase quality and relieve operators from mundane tasks which can be done by an automated process. Save time and labour costs.

Not only will our system help you automate better – our solutions allow you to review the root cause of any problem by providing a complete historical record of every unit inspected. IVS solutions reduce days or weeks of forensic effort by detecting the source of faults quickly, rather than depending on idle data, manually produced reports, destructive teardowns, or time-consuming tests.

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    More about automotive inspection systems

    Why do automotive manufacturers need to use machine vision?

    In the build of automotive vehicles even small malfunctions can have catastrophic consequences – safety is a critical element in the manufacturing process. When you consider an automobile can be made up of over 40,000 individual elements from tiny clips, inserts and bolts, through to larger components such as shafts, wheels and panels – it’s not surprising that the automotive industry strives for a parts per million failure rate in single figures. It isn’t easy for the producers to keep track of the quality of every part through manual means, relying on an operator to inspect thousands of parts isn’t a viable (or cost-effective) solution. To start they need to inspect the product, and secondly this information needs to be noted and stored in a way that it is traceable back to the point of production.

    Machine vision is now a standard technology applied in automotive manufacturing. It allows for the seamless automated inspection or guidance, coupled with the ability to save tangible, easily-recallable data. Vision systems worked at speed, don’t get tired, and don’t need a break – allowing continuous, repeatable results with known payback for the producers.

    How does machine vision integrate into automotive production processes?

    IVS systems support multi-protocol communication in the automotive industry. Industrial network connectivity is provided out-of-the-box to minimise time for integration and commissioning of the systems into automotive manufacturing processes. Real-time ethernet and fieldbus interfaces including Profibus, Modbus, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, CANopen, Ethernet Powerlink, Profinet, Ethernet IP, CC-Link and MQTT are all supported for quick and easy integration into modern automotive automation lines and cells.

    How does machine vision integrate into automotive production processes?
    How does machine vision integrate into automotive production processes?

    What are the advantages of vision?

    • Improved profitability through a reduced production cycle time.
    • Reduce labour costs, savings and increased reliability of inspection.
    • Increased profitability through early intervention of problems.
    • Improved profitability through maintenance efficiency.
    • Optimisation of process to increase profits.
    • Reduction in down-time, improving onward output and profitability.