Industrial Vision Systems Launches 2017 Company Brochure

IVS has launched its new 2017 company brochure demonstrating its expertise in vision technology for automated quality control. The company, which recently relocated to its new premises at the prestigious Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, is using the brochure to allow readers a glimpse into its latest developments, training services, and new products which serve sectors such as automotive, medical device, food & drink, electrical, and printing & packaging industries.

Industrial Vision Systems is expecting year on year double digit growth in machine vision and robotics on the manufacturing floor over the next decade. As such, products that are featured in the new company brochure include its standard inspection machines for quality control & product verification as well as retro-fit vision systems, vision components and smart cameras for end-users and machine builders. In addition, specifications and images for all IVS end of line quality control machine vision systems are featured in the brochure.

The brochure also promotes IVS’s new on-site training capabilities. Since moving into the new premises at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, IVS now offers practical courses which are delivered by its team of professional technical Instructors. These courses range from one-day operator courses, covering basic day-to-day use and general operation of the vision system, to four-day in-depth maintenance courses that cover more complex applications and complete machines.

The material also displays the company’s latest developments, and amongst these are the IVS 3D inspection solutions. IVS vision systems are now enabled for advanced 3D vision applications which measure complex shapes and products in three dimensions with a single camera with real time delivery. Robot inspection cells are also featured which provide fully automated inspection of large sub-assemblies, engines and complex components.

The brochure is designed to give current clients and potential new customers a preview into our vision system capabilities. IVS have vast experience in industrial image processing which comes in the form of a large team of vision engineering specialists who offer an extraordinary range of expertise in machine vision technology and industrial automation. This visual brochure provides a glimpse into our latest developments, product launches, and application areas.

The new 2017 brochure can be downloaded here.

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