Ideal for automated quality control checking using robot technology

Full engine inspection

Body in white quality checks

Large components and assembly checks

Chassis conformance checks

Dimensional verification over large products

Porosity checks on machined blocks

Sub-assembly verification

Surface defect quality checks

Plastic assembly inspection

Label inspection and placement

Pick and place requirements

Splits and cracks in metal

Part verification checks

Inserts and part conformance quality

Robot guidance

Features / Benefits

Can work in tandem with an operator

Latest generation robots & robotics

Frees up operators from mundane and repetitive inspection tasks

Highly flexible vision system with stunning HD photo save

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    Founded in 2000, IVS is now one of Europe’s leading specialists in inspection machines and artificial intelligence vision products – supplying customers all around the world and building an unrivalled reputation for innovation, quality and precision in machine vision systems for inspection, guidance and identification.

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