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Vision Systems & Peripherals

Improve production quality and ensure every one of your components, sub-assemblies or products are 100% inspected using IVS machine vision cameras, systems and machines.

Our machine vision cameras work continuously, all day, every day, making sure your customers and consumers receive products from you which have eliminated quality issues.

Our vision system cameras provide immediate improvements to manufacturing quality allowing you to deliver superior products to your customers. Products can be manufactured at much higher speeds, defect free and at lower cost.

Vision Systems for Automated Visual Inspection and Control
Our vision systems allow you to integrate automated inspection and guidance in all areas of your production processes. From single camera vision systems to multi-camera highly complex inspection machines, all based on the standard IVS® vision software interfaces which are simple to deploy and designed for quick shop floor integration.
Our vision systems are available in a wide range of form factors, resolutions and speeds allowing us to match the camera solution to your particular requirements. Full process integration with all major PLC manufacturers, robots and databases makes process control of the vision system straightforward and easy to integrate.
Use our expertise to help specify all aspects of our vision system requirements, our experts become an extension of your in-house engineering team allowing you to concentrate what you do best, manufacturing for your customer. We have helped hundreds of customers similar to yourself in integrating robust vision processes, eliminating defects and increasing producivity.
Allow our easy-to-use vision systems help drive your quality, increase yield and enable automation. 

Contact us today through the request form on the right for more information on how we can help you with your vision system requirements.

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