About Us

Industrial Vision Systems Ltd (IVS®) is a major manufacturer of machine vision and artificial intelligence products whose name is synonymous with innovative image processing systems for quality control, code reading, guiding and identification. By combining software expertise with application integration, we offer a unique service – that of vision system manufacturer and vision system integrator.

Founded in 2000, we have grown to become one of Europe’s leading companies for the supply and support of vision inspection machines, machine vision products, special purpose vision machines, smart camera systems and peripheral vision equipment. We export to countries around the world.

Our machine vision systems are some of the most innovative and advanced on the market today. They are used all over the world in automated production processes for quality control, inspection, guidance, identification, measurement, tracking and counting – in many diverse industries.

We operate from a custom designed 10,000 sq ft facility at the prestigious Harwell Science and Innovation Campus. The campus is one of the most advanced and active innovation communities in Europe, located just South of Oxford and only forty-five minutes from Heathrow Airport.

IVS finds itself in good company, located close to the European Space Agency, Diamond Light Source and RAL Space, the overall campus hosts an array of over £1 billion of world leading research infrastructure. At the core of Harwell is collaboration. Its occupants and visitors have access to world-class engineering and scientific facilities, leading-edge research and an exceptional talent pool.

Unparalleled expertise and experience

Thanks to our unparalleled expertise and experience in vision technology for automated quality control, we hold an enviable position at the forefront of machine vision development.

Based on the very latest digital camera technology, our cost-effective, easy-to-set up vision systems enable rapid integration and company-wide standardization through seamless factory communication.

Our latest generation systems are based on high resolution digital camera technology combined with sub-pixel accuracy vision software for unparalleled ease of deployment within factory automation.

Our extensive range of vision and ID products for all applications is backed by a unerring commitment to quality and adherence to Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) guidelines. We operate a complete in-house mechanical, electrical and control design service providing customers with full project management and feedback.

We are a member of the British Standards Institute, CE Marking Association and the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association. In addition we are an accredited member of the SafeContractor® scheme.