Vision Sensors

Vision sensors and vision systems for industry. Our IVS-COMMAND-Ai™ Vision Sensors provide unrivalled machine vision capability to inspect, identify and guide.

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Vision sensors for industrial machine vision inspection and guidance.

A complete quality control inspection vision sensor solution, ready to deploy. Improve yield and deliver immediate improvements to product quality with the IVS-COMMAND-Ai™ vision sensors and systems. With our unique vision solutions, we check a wide range of features and properties to safeguard your quality. Flexible and adaptable vision sensors.

Vision sensors can perform inspection at speed, linking directly to your production line and factory information, to deliver both immediate inspection and production data. Instant factory information at your fingertips. Find and fix manufacturing issues quickly with IVS vision sensors.

Vision sensors

Why you need our vision sensors

Discover the benefits of IVS providing your vision sensors and systems

Powerful Inspection

Powerful Inspection

Our vision inspection sensors are formidable vision solutions. Powered by Intel® processors, they combine the power of PC based vision systems, with the latest generation vision sensors. Giving users unrivalled capability to produce even the most complex vision inspection results.

Easy-to-use Interface

Easy-to-use Interface

Whether you’re a seasoned vision system user or new to vision sensors. Our IVS® easy-to-use vision interface allows quick development of even complex vision inspection. Everything from presence verification, OCR and gauging – through to surface, defect and quality inspection in one neat solution.

Modular Vision System

Modular Vision System

Build your complete factory inspection solutions around IVS vision sensors and systems. The IVS-COMMAND-Ai™ vision sensors are compatible with our standard PC-based solutions. Easily upgrade, develop and build your factory automation around the same familiar framework and vision performance.

Our Vision Sensor products

Explore some of the key features and benefits of using IVS vision sensors and systems

Extensive Vision Tools

Extensive Vision Tools

Achieve reliable, robust inspection performance using IVS® graphical interface software options. Trusted industry-standard vision tools provide advanced visual inspection. A complete suite of tools for location, verification, pattern, measurement, surface, print, code and defect detection. Connect with any PLC, factory control or database with our unique device manager, all industrial and general protocols are supported.

Keep ahead of your competition. Our Vision Sensors utilise the very latest deep learning and artificial intelligence for the classification of image and object characteristics in automated inspection.

Easy Set-Up & Deployment

Rapid system integration. Modular camera and controller design provides easy mounting and integration with a full range of lighting and optics. Freely adapt to any production environment. Advanced inspection in a compact housing. A vast array of lighting and optic options.

Accelerate product maturity, improve yield and increase quality. Quickly deploy IVS vision sensors to control production processes and make decisions with data from the production floor. We detect unexpected defects that other inspections miss.

Easy Set-Up & Deployment
Production Ready Control

Production Ready Control

Control production flow. Pass/fail, go/no-go. Seamless integration with all PLCs, factory controllers and industrial ethernet communication. Vision sensors can quickly be integrated on-line to inspect high speed and static products. With speeds up to 60 frames per second, you’ll never miss another failure again.

IVS vision sensors can be integrated onto production lines, assembly cells, work benches, robots and linear slides. Robust design allows vision sensor integration into any industrial production process for seamless inspection, identification or guidance.

Data & Image Save

Stop fines and protect your brand. IVS-COMMAND-Ai Vision Systems integrate directly with all factory information systems, allowing complete part tracking & traceability of image and data saving. Comprehensive Statistical Process Control (SPC) data can provide closed loop control for ultimate production control.

With adaptable HD smart cameras to provide inspection from all angles, IVS vision systems inspect at high precision, reviewing your production for flaws and defects in real time. Our vision systems are very easy to program, are highly accurate, offer easy maintenance and provide peace of mind in final quality acceptance.

Data & Image Save

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    More about Vision Sensors

    What are vision sensors?

    Vision sensors are used in industrial processes for scene interpretation, in effect providing feedback to a control system in the form of “eyes”, be that for use on a robot, guidance system, quality checking, identification or simply for image archiving purposes. Vision sensors are also referred to as “smart” or “intelligent” cameras and typically house the vision sensor, image processing and I/O control in a compact housing – thus they are generally used for simple vision inspection and guidance applications where space is a premium. They differ from PC based vision systems in this respect, which are generally used for more complex machine vision applications.

    How do vision sensors work?

    Vision sensors use industrial image processing to analyse images captured and thus make decisions on process control based on the interpretation of the data. Typically, these application areas cover presence checking, optical character recognition, optical character verification, print inspection, measurement, surface checking, 2D and 3D code reading, robot guidance and location feedback. Following processing the vision sensor communicates with the production line to give results and statistical data.

    What else should I think about when integrating vision sensors?

    Choosing the correct vision sensor resolution and speed is an important consideration when integrating vision systems into industrial automation processes. Generally, the greater the pixel resolution, the more accurate a camera is for a particular image processing task – though some vision sensors are capable of sub-pixel inspection. Vision sensors specify their speed in terms of “frames per second”, this is the number of single image captures that can be achieved within a second – this should not be confused with how many inspection cycles which can be achieved from the same vision sensor. The inspection cycles per second will be based on the amount of inspection criteria which need to be inspected, the size of the image and any pre-processing requirements.