Custom Vision Inspection Systems,
Cells and Lines Tailored to your
Exact Needs

We design and manufacture leading-edge control inspection machines
that enable high-precision machine vision inspection, verification and analysis
across all industries.

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Complete Design Service
SolidWorks 3D

Custom designed to your exact specifications. We utilise state-of-art-design and rendering 3D CAD so you can see exactly what you will be receiving before it’s built.

Complete Design Service
Controls & Automation
Industrial Automation

IVS integrate third-party equipment such as conveyors, robots, sensors, pick & place and automation equipment into our machine designs – improving your efficiency.

Controls & Automation
Compliance as Standard
Comprehensive Safety

Designed and manufactured to all the latest European Directives & Standards. Comprehensive Electrical Testing and SISTEMA report form part of our Technical File.

Compliance as Standard
Image & Data Save
Stop Fines & Protect your Brand

IVS machines integrate directly with all factory information systems, allowing complete part tracking & traceability of image and data saving.

Image & Data Save
Build & Commissioning
Machine Testing

IVS machines are built and tested at our brand new 10,000 sq. ft. production facility at Harwell Campus, under our tough quality management system. Machines undergo vigorous trials before commissioning on-site by IVS engineers. All machines are provided with full CE marking.

Build & Commissioning
Training & Service
World-class Training & Support

IVS is committed to world-class-excellence in product training and support services. Our brand new state-of-the-art facilities providing classroom and application training.

Training & Service
Project Management
Dedicated, Planned, Experienced

Allow IVS to take care of the management of the vision project, leaving your engineers to get on with their own busy schedules.

Product Management
Fully customized systems designed, built and installed by our expert engineers.

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Powerful special purpose machines for quality control, vision ID, robot control and product verification.
Your dedicated partner for industrial automation and machine integration.

IVS is your best in class partner for complex vision system projects and machines that require bespoke 3D CAD design, manufacture, advanced integration, robotics, control or customised development for your production line. Reduce your risk, minimise project lifecycles and increase your productivity.