Ideal applications using linescan inspection technology

Defects on material webs

Black Spot contamination detection

Coating defect verification

Contamination inspection

Delamination checks on material

Dirty marks on surface detection

Flaw detection checking

Foreign objects and fibres inspection

Hair detection

Holes within material inspection

Marks and stain checks

Measurement checks on print

Shiny lines verification

Snag in material detection

IVS-WEBi-L Options


Line profile sensors use a projected laser line to perform 3D high-resolution scanning, measurement and control for automated quality inspection and material optimization at inline production speed.


IVS linescan inspection can capture between two close conveyor edges, allowing parts to be “scanned” from underneath as they traverse across the two belts.

Warranty and Brand Protection

Collect precise production data. All inspection images, information and production statistics are automatically saved, providing warranty protection. Easily recall previous days, months and years results to help protct brand reputation.


Our linescan solutions can be built around your web or production process. Whether a continuous web, index feed or simply large products which need to be scanned. Think of us as your own personal engineering design team.

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