Our productsImmensely powerful, state-of-the-art automated quality control machine vision inspection systems and machines. A new generation of class-leading vision system, better in every way. Faster, more efficient and integrated by our experts.Easy to use, they’re also practical and simple to maintain.

Vision Systems and Sensors

General purpose, powerful vision systems, sensors, cameras and components for machine vision inspection.

Sub-Assembly Vision Inspection

Advanced vision system inspection systems and machines for sub-assembly quality checks and verification in automotive manufacturing.

In-Process Inspection Machines

State-of-the-art dynamic vision systems for quality control of medical devices and pharmaceutical production.

Robot Inspection Cells

Highly flexible state-of-the-art robot inspection cells for accurate quality inspection providing complete coverage.

Packaging Inspection Machines

Class-leading packaging vision inspection machines for high speed quality control and verification in printing and packaging industries.

Car Conformance Inspection

Automated end-of-line car inspection and conformance checking. Remove human error from the inspection process.

Automated Vision Inspection Benches

Manually loaded vision system inspection cells for quality control. Automate repetitive and critical quality checks.

In-Process Vision Inspection Machines

Fully automated vision system inspection machines with integrated conveyors, pick and place options and reject.

Linescan and Web Inspection

Flexible web and linescan inspection solutions utilising multi-camera linescan cameras for real-time quality checks on continuous webs, large products and cylindrical items.

VIN/Scribe Inspection Systems

Advanced Optical Character Recognition and Verification (OCR/OCV) vision systems for high technology automotive manufacturing.

Device Quality Inspection Machines

Class-leading medical device and pharmaceutical inspection machines for high speed quality control.

Automated Vision Inspection Bench

Manually loaded machine vision inspection benches and cells for quality control. Automate repetitive and critical quality checks.

Contact Lens Inspection

State-of-the-art all-powerful vision systems designed for precision quality control in contact lens manufacturing.

PCB Conformal Coat Inspection

An automated inspection machine for the precision verification, inspection and position check of automated conformal coats on PCB assemblies.

Food Inspection Machines

Super intelligent vision sensors and machines for quality control in food and drink manufacturing.