Factory Automation

Our vision systems, sensors and solutions for industrial automation offer precise, high-speed, non-contact inspection, guidance and verification.

Solutions for Factory Automation

Solutions for Factory Automation

Industry 4.0 Industrial Automation for Flexible Manufacturing

Every production process, manufacturing line and process can be improved with machine vision. For over 20 years leading industrial automation companies worldwide have been using our AI-enabled vision systems in production.

Quality Assurance Made Easy

Typical Factory Automation Applications

  • Robot control
  • Confirmation of part movement
  • Line supervisory control
  • Quality inspection of products
  • Precise alignment
  • Out of tolerance detection
  • Positioning of robots
  • Fiducial finding in automation
  • Vision systems for machine builders
  • Locate un-fixtured parts
  • Industrial ID and code reading
  • Flexible vision for industry 4.0
  • Feedback vision control
  • Error detection and verification
  • Quality control inspection
  • Robotic vision control
Solutions for Factory Automation

Simple and reliable systems designed by experts

Explore some of the key features and benefits of using an IVS system for your factory automation process

  • Deep Industry Knowledge

Our long heritage speaks for itself. With over 20 years’ experience in providing solutions for factory automation – you can trust us with your projects. Proven technology, easily deployed.

  • Next Generation Vision

Our class-leading, AI-enabled, deep learning machine vision systems offer state-of-the art inspection, guidance and sorting. Comprehensive reporting, failure and metric visuals.

  • Industry 4.0 Inspection

Our machine vision solutions safeguard your quality. Flexible and adaptable, with everything from presence verification and measurement, through to product and assembly checking.

Advanced Industrial Automation

Advanced Industrial Automation

Automate quicker and easier

Our advanced range of defect detection vision systems are simple to set up and provide unparalleled ease of use. IVS systems are used in all areas of factory automation, from quality inspection and part identification through to robot control.

Integration with robots, actuators, pneumatics and control is straight-forward thanks to full process control integration built into the system. And, because our cameras are some of the smallest in the vision industry, they can be easily deployed in all areas of the production line and processes.

IVS can become a major contributor to help increase your productivity, improve your yield and increase overall quality. IVS offers a unique range of machine vision products and services that deliver end-to-end vision solutions and provides core technology for the industrial automation market in all areas of machine vision.

Reasons to Automate

Helping you to scale up production & automate better

IVS® high-speed industrial automation machine vision products allow you to scale up production quicker, automated tasks with flexible solutions to allow for future Industry 4.0 automation.

Connect immediately to your factory floor devices helping to provide real-time, accurate data of production processes – improving process control and quicker fault finding. IVS® products offer comprehensive communication options, making them simple and easy to connect directly to all robot controllers, PLC’s, HMI and industrial ethernet and fieldbus communications.

Guarantee your products are produced consistently, error-free with 100% automated visual inspection. Our systems never miss a failure, providing peace of mind that your production is running smoothly.

Reasons to Automate
Factory Automation

Factory Automation

Make manual tasks automatic. Maximise quality and stop quality escapes

We help in your race to automate more production processes by utilising industrial automation, robotics and vision systems. Automate traditional manual processes to minimise your takt time, increase quality and relive operators from mundane tasks which can be done by an automated process. Save time and labour costs.

Not only will our system help you automate better – our solutions allow to review the root cause of any problem by providing a complete historical record of every unit inspected. IVS solutions reduce days or weeks of forensic effort by detecting the source of faults quickly, rather than depending on idle data, manually produced reports, destructive teardowns, or time-consuming tests.

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    More about factory automation inspection solutions

    IVS® advantages in factory automation environments?

    More project possibilities

    IVS® systems offer a broader range of advanced vision tools, allowing you to solve a wider range of problems. From robot control feedback through to micron level measurement detection, our solutions have it all.

    Increase the value of the solution without increasing your costs.

    Individual user interfaces for each customer are simple to create with IVS systems. Comprehensive process views, statistical information and data driven displays allow immediate operator feedback and process control.

    Reduce the amount of money you spend on integration.

    Our solutions offer a full range of communication standards, ready-to-run, from discrete I/O, serial, and Industrial Ethernet interfaces that fully support the latest fieldbus and industrial ethernet protocols. IVS systems integrate easily into any production line. It’s easy to connect to anything, anywhere.

    Customers must be satisfied, and engineering costs must be kept to a minimum.

    Even during installation, customer requirements may change. Last-minute changes are simple with our products. Helping you deliver your industrial automation project on-time.

    Reduce the cost of customer service.

    IVS’s sophisticated vision tools adapt for variations in illumination, part appearance, and presentation, reducing the need for post-sales assistance. Sleep easy, knowing your vision solution is working around the clock.

    Reduce the cost of training.

    IVS systems are simple to operate and adjust, you can quickly train your engineers to use and configure the vision solution. Comprehensive training and maintenance support are always provided.

    Factory Automation
    Factory Automation