Other Industries

Many industries benefit from automated inspection, increasing production efficiency and guaranteeing product quality.

Other Industries Using IVS Vision

Other Industries Using IVS Vision

Automated Vision Inspection for all Industries

IVS provide quality control vision systems into many diverse industries. With increased pressure from customers for manufacturers to deliver a “right first time” product IVS can deliver the 100% inspection for your production process. Our class-leading quality control vision systems provide peace of mind in providing end-of-line quality control to finite detail. We save our clients’ money by installing a vision system which is robust and reliable, and we save them a lot of time allowing immediate payback on quality and yield.

Automated Vision Inspection Made Easy

Typical Automated Vision Inspection Applications

  • Solar Cell (Photovoltaic)
  • Glass Production
  • Cosmetics, Household Goods
  • Steel
  • Recycling
  • Ceramics
  • Paper Production
  • Security Printing
  • Aerospace, General Engineering
  • Military
  • Life Science
  • Nuclear
  • Precision Engineering
  • Machine Tool Engineering
  • Tobacco
  • Timber, Foil and Plastics
Food and Beverage Industry Solutions

Simple and reliable systems designed by experts

Explore some of the key features and benefits of using an IVS system for your electronics production process

  • Prevent Costly Recalls

Stop customer recalls and sleep easy at night knowing every product is 100% checked automatically, before it leaves your premises.

  • Visualise Data

Find and detect issues at source. Backed with end-to-end failure analysis tools, management statistics and remote real-time build monitoring, all in a single simple platform.

  • Protect Your Brand

Your consumer reputation is everything. Protect your brand and stop bad products exiting your factory. Increase efficiency and reduce reliance on operators in production.

Capture every defect, every time

Capture Every Defect, Every Time

Powerful and fast inspection

We discover anomalies in production, in real-time, from day one. We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically find manufacturing defects and anomalies as they happen, during the manufacturing cycle.

We provide your production supervisors with real-time data at their fingertips, recognising yield drift, quarantining suspect products and keeping your management in the loop with real statistics – allowing you to deliver 100% automatically inspected and validated product out of the door, with meaningful data behind it. Precision inspection across the entire production floor.

Complete Machine Vision Portfolio

Trusted technologies to automate better

IVS® offer an extensive portfolio of cameras, systems and solutions for all area of automotive manufacturing. Ranging from smart camera solutions and in-process inspection, through to fully-integrated robot inspection cells. Our systems are highly versatile and easy to set-up. 3D vision systems, 2D machine vision and multi-camera inspection are all supported within the IVS family.

Increase productivity, eliminate manual errors and improve the flexibility in your manufacturing cycle. Using machine vision provides workers with the opportunity to assume new, higher value roles and responsibilities within the organisation – leaving the automatic inspection, guidance and verification to the automated vision systems. All aspects of manufacturing can benefit from applying automated optical inspection. Check components as they arrive, during manufacturing and as a final inspection check before your products go out the door. Protect your investment, yield and reputation.

Complete Machine Vision Portfolio
Full MES Integration

Full MES Integration

Automatically connect to your factory information system

IVS® vision inspection fully integrates with factory information and manufacturing execution systems. Integrate with existing parametric tests, measurement systems, and custom data sources from your production. Optimise line efficiency, increase yield, while guaranteeing production quality. IVS systems are designed to integrate directly with all modern MES, SQL and process control platforms.

Faster issue resolution starts with the right data in the right place. IVS® puts a complete product data record including photos, parametric assessments, and measurements, at your fingertips. All validated and designed for your industry. Understand top-priority issues with real-time pareto and statistical process control. Identify corrective actions and process control feedback. Increase your productivity today with IVS vision solutions for better prioritisation and communication.

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    More about IVS inspection for industry

    Assessing your return on investment when thinking about using machine vision.

    The benefits

    The economic case for investing in machine vision systems is usually strong due to the two key following areas:

    1. Cost savings through reducing labour, re-work/testing, removing more expensive capital expenditure, material and packaging costs and removing waste.
    2. Increased productivity through process improvements, greater flexibility, increased volume of parts produced, less downtime, errors and rejections.

    However, just viewing the benefits from an economic perspective does not do justice to the true value of your investment. Machine vision systems can add value in all of the additional following ways.

    Unfortunately, due to the intangible nature of some of these contributors it can be difficult to put an actual figure on the value but that shouldn’t stop attempts to include them.

    • By freeing staff from repetitive, boring tasks they are able to focus thinking in ways that add more value and contribute to increasing innovation. This is good for mental health and good for the business.
    • By reducing customer complaints, product recalls and potential fines machine vision can help to build and protect your brand image in the minds of customers.
    • Building a strong image in the minds of potential business customers through demonstrating adoption of the latest technology, particularly when they come and visit your factory!
    • Through the collection of better data and improved tracking machine vision can help you develop a deeper understanding of your processes.
    • The adoption of machine vision can help to complement and even improve health and safety practice.
    • Removing operators from hazardous environments or strenuous activity reduces exposure to sickness, absence, healthcare costs or insurance claims.
    • Machine vision can contribute and even accelerate a culture of continuous improvement and lean manufacturing.
    • Through increased competitiveness and improving service levels machine vision helps build a business your people can be proud of.
    • Contributing to a positive, safe working environment for staff.
    • Through better use of energy and resources, smoother material flow and reduced waste machine vision systems can help reduce your impact on the environment.

    The costs

    Costs can range from several hundred for smart sensors and cameras up to half a million for complex systems. Of course, this will depend on the size and scope of your operations and may be more or less.

    However even in the case of high levels of capital investment it should be obvious, from the potential benefits outlined above, that a machine vision system can quickly pay for itself.

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