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Sleep Easy. Our machines 100% inspect every product you produce at high speed – protecting your business, reputation and quality.

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Protect your quality through automated inspection using optical sorting.

Our optical sorting machines automatically root out your rogue products, which in turn makes your manufacturing more efficient and less wasteful. Never deliver a bad product again.

Inspect, sort, grade and classify your manufactured components with ease. Our machines continually sort your products while you get on with the important manufacturing tasks. We help you deliver perfectly sorted products – day in, day out – giving you 100% quality inspected components, that your customers will love.

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Why you need our optical sorting machines

Discover the benefits of IVS providing your optical sorting machines

Vision Heritage

Smarter Inspection

Our optical sorting machines utilise the very latest vision inspection algorithms. Crisp, ultra-clear images make your most important defects visible. We intercept and reject failed parts at high speed, discover shifts in quality, and provide quality assurance through your production cycle.

Clever Vision Systems

Statistics and Data

Make decisions with real-time data directly from the factory floor. With comprehensive reporting to see defect rates, spikes in quality issues, and failure threshold alert – your engineers can respond to immediate problems. Take corrective action before products arrive at your customer site.

Flexible Inspection

Detect Unanticipated Defects

Our optical sorting machines help engineering, quality and operations save time, monitor production and increase yield. IVS® systems detect unanticipated defects others may miss, building better products and allowing you to gain control over defect rates.

Our Optical Sorting Machines

Explore some of the key features and benefits of using IVS optical sorting systems

Sub-Assembly Vision Inspection

High-Speed Adaptable Optical Sorting

We can inspect any small component or part. Adaptable optical sorting for fasteners, rings, plastics, components, washers, nuts, munitions, moulds, screws, micro parts, rivets medical components and custom parts. Detailed vision inspection from all sides allows comprehensive analysis of your parts at up to 600ppm.

Keep ahead of your competition. Our Optical Inspection Machines confirm the compliance of parts based on multiple criteria, checks specifications and measures to tolerance. Sort components into groups, check quality and detect the single rogue product in a batch.

Manufacture Product Excellence

Check attributes and features as speed. Our Optical Sorting vision systems check your product integrity in real-time; everything from cracks, threads, profiles and surface finish, through to foreign material detection, roundness, character recognition, shorts, flash and burrs.

Our machines stay vigilant 24/7, 365 days a year. Never let an abnormal part leave your factory doors again. Our machines never sleep, don’t take breaks and are 100% accurate all the time. Delivering quality excellence to component and part manufacturers.

Automated Inspection Benches
In-Process Inspection Machines

Next Level Optical Inspection

We perceive and detect flaws others miss. Our optical sorting technology takes vision inspection to the next level. Clear, ultra high-definition images allow IVS systems to recognise even the hardest to spot flaws. The unique glass disc provides 360-degree inspection, sensing your product at all angles.

For classification checks, our machines use Ai and Deep Learning. This provides our machines with the ability to “learn by example” and improve as more data is captured. Deep learning combines the flexibility of the human visual system with the consistency and dependability of a computer system. Our Deep Neural Networks continuously refine their performance as they are presented with additional images and information.

Immediate Data and Reports

Eyes on your factory floor. See production trends and data as they happen. Make operational and quality decisions based on real information. Recall images of all failure parts, see instant statistical details, and drill down on the reason for faults.

Gain real-time monitoring and analytics for every issue on your lines, from the comfort of your desk. Achieve continuous yield reductions and categorise failures based on their attributes. Stop quality escapes earlier, long before they reach your customer.

Car Conformance Checks

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    Optical Sorting and Inspection Machines – increase yield and stop bad product exiting your factory.

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    More about Optical Sorting

    What is Optical Sorting?

    Optical sorting is the process of using machine vision and vision system technology in real-time to assess the quality of a component or product at high speed. Optical sorting machines normally use a combination of traditional machine vision algorithms and latest generation artificial intelligence to sort product into good and bad “bins”. Optical sorting machines stop the need for manual inspection, allowing a fully automated machine process to make decisions on quality automatically. This saves man power and resources, while also providing a higher level of inspection by the use of computer vision technology to make decisions.

    Why do I need Optical Sorting?

    There are many reasons why optical sorting needs to be used. Defects can originate in the original manufacturing process, for example cracks, dents, dimensional errors and missing processes can produce product which is faulty. In addition, routing of a process through the factory may introduce further defects such as mixed batches, foreign material and cause defects during other processes. Automated inspection using optical sorting provides a level of comfort to the manufacturer knowing all parts are checked and sorted to the correct quality, in the correct batch. The use of optical sorting allows for zero defects and ppm levels of zero.

    Are my products suitable for Optical Sorting?

    Almost any small component, produced in high volume, at speed, can be inspected using IVS high-speed optical sorting machines. From automotive fasteners, nuts, screws, small parts, general fasteners, plastics, components, medical devices, metal objects, through to washers, O-rings, munitions, rods, studs, caps, electronic parts, rubber and plastic moulds – all similar products can be inspected using optical sorting and machine vision technology.