Packaging and Label Inspection Machines

Never send another defect from your factory. Automate 100% quality checks on all your products. Reduce failures, increase yield and guarantee quality delivered to your customer.

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Packaging and Label Inspection (IVS-LAMi-P)

Fully automated 100% inspection and rejection machines for the quality control inspection and quality assurance of packaged items after final packing – designed for use in the food, drink, printing, packaging, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.

Find packaging flaws, label defects, code mix-ups, miss-printed dates, un-aligned labels, batch change errors, wrong labels, surface contamination, date codes, serial numbers, sell-by dates and cosmetic defects at speed, providing fully integrated 100% quality inspection and auto reject. Stringent quality control standards can be guaranteed and inspection completed faster than manual inspection.

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Packaging and Label Inspection (IVS-LAMi-P)

Why you need our Packaging and Label Inspection Machines

Discover the benefits of IVS providing the automated quality checks of your products

Stop Customer Fines

Stop Customer Fines

Stop fines from your customer and reduce your failure rates. Rest easy knowing fully automated visual quality control is checking every product as part of your final inspection process. Automatically rejecting bad packages, products, labels & features.

State-of-the-art Technology

State-of-the-art Technology

Our machines utilise artificial intelligence state-of-the-art IVS vision systems to provide mission critical quality checks across packaging production, making detailed quality decisions automatically. Never miss another failure.

Adaptable Inspection

Adaptable Inspection

With optional multi vision sensors our machines can provide adaptable inspection from all sides of the product. Machines can be adapted to suit your production throughput, conveyor sizes and automation to allow immediate integration. IP54 or IP65 protection and stainless-steel build.

Features of our Packaging and Label Inspection machines

Explore some of the key features and benefits of our packaging and label inspection machines for automated quality control

Quality Control Checking
Quality Control Checking

Quality Control Checking

Our IVS-LAMi-P machines are ideal for the automated quality checking of packaged products, packs, trays, boxes, labels, pouches and printed products – on both primary and secondary packaging:

Label presence inspection on packs

Packaging date and code checks

Pack damage inspection on all sides

Package size measurements

Label placement and alignment

1D and 2D code checking

Correct label stock running on the line

Seal integrity checks

Bottle inspection and verification

Packaging firm type verification

Print quality inspection

Packaging checks

Rogue part detection

Bottle, cap and fill inspection

Smart Production

Not only do our machines monitor every product that you produce at speed. Complete statistical production data is being recorded and stored, providing you with immediate manufacturing information for decision making. Spot trends and take process actions quicker.

Production managers and operators can view real-time batch information, immediately target run rates, parts inspected and where problems have been found. Quality data can be retained and images of every product produced saved for warranty protection. Easily recall previous days, months and years results to help protect brand reputation.

Smart Production
Automatic Reject

Automatic Reject

Segregate bad product before it reaches your customer. Integrated lockable reject bins allows poor and rejected product to be separated from your good products automatically. Pneumatic, mechanical, drop belt, heavy duty and run-off reject systems are fully integrated into our machines. Fully customisable vision inspection for quality control to match your product qualities. Built to withstand tough and difficult factory conditions, giving full performance in all challenging environments.

Customised Design

Customise the length, height and conveyor width according to your own production requirements. Adaptable, modular design allows IVS to supply automated inspection to any manufacturing process.

Maintenance won’t complain. Open frame design for easy maintenance, with simple user interface and intuitive control make automated inspection painless and comfortable for shop floor personnel. Precise, intelligent automated visual inspecting with low maintenance and high speed.

Customised Design

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    Packaging and Label Challenges and How to Overcome Them

    High variant products

    All your customers have different packaging demands. In a simplistic terms some want a red package and another may want blue packaging. Marketing often give to the wants and desires of the customer, which is the right thing to do – but when the headache is passed down to production, quality control is critical. The last thing the production manager wants is to deliver the blue package to the red customer and vice versa. When this is scaled up and the variants become difficult to manage, automated visual quality control is the answer. Check all the sizes of boxes, packaging damage, colour of trays, label presence, the variation in label designs, the position of special offer labels and take control of the variation by automating quality assurance and protecting your manufacturing process.

    Global labelling, markings and different languages

    In the ever-expanding global market your end customer maybe anywhere in the world. Labels, marks, prints and inserts could be in different languages and text written in an unknown font or style – making it impossible for an operator to accurately visually inspect the product. Automated inspection can cope with all text, fonts, sizes, style and languages. Overcome the problem of how to check a label or printed text consistency, by utilising vision inspection.

    Reducing waste

    If a failure in production is not picked up earlier it can sometimes lead to a whole hour, day, week or even a months worth of production being spoiled, or requiring checking an entire batch by hand. And if this is already delivered to the customer, sometimes is means costly visits by quality staff to check product off-site and potential fines. By applying 100% automated visual inspection waste can be reduced, having a positive impact on the yield, coupled with the reduction in environmental impact that waste product can produce.

    Consumer Safety

    Consumer safety is a paramount concern for any producer of food or drink, and takes on even greater significance in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. It’s important that date and batch print is clearly legible, free of additional marks, has no erroneous defects and the print is perfect. Coupled with this the packaging itself should have no defects, damage or inconsistences – with no mix of batches, problem labels or any other quality concerns. Applying automated visual inspection at an early stage of production prevents helps secure safety and provides confidence to customers that every product is checked in real-time as part of the manufacturing process.