Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

A full range of high-speed quality control inspection products for medical device components, packaging, devices, parts and pharmaceutical production.

Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Solutions

Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Solutions

Validated Automated Inspection for the Medical Devices & Pharmaceutical Industry

Every production process, manufacturing line and process within medical device and pharmaceutical production can be improved with machine vision. For over 20 years leading brands worldwide have been using our validated systems in medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Quality Assurance Made Easy

Typical Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Quality checks on syringe bodies
  • Surface inspection for inclusions, scratches and mould faults
  • Packaging checks at end of line
  • Blow, fill, seal inspection
  • Automated metrology checks on orthopaedic joints
  • Glass bottle checks
  • Print inspection on dosage dials
  • Injection pen assembly verification
  • Orthopaedic joint surface inspection
  • Medical device assembly inspection
  • Converter film and web checking
  • Cosmetic defects on contact lenses
  • Blister pack and pill inspection
  • Mould short and flash detection
  • Pen and syringe assembly checks
  • Orthopaedic joint inspection
  • IVS bag checking
  • Wound care and patch surface inspection
  • Vial, ampoule and cartridge checks
  • Inhaler product verification
  • Pharma code reading and traceability
  • Precision gauging and measurement
  • Needle tip bluntness checks
  • Medical test kit inspection
  • Medical mouldings dimensional checks

Simple and reliable systems designed by experts

Explore some of the key features and benefits of using an IVS system for your medical production process

  • Validated Systems

Our inspection solutions are FDA & GAMP approved. Get automated quicker knowing your vision solution is ready-to-run for medical device & pharmaceutical production.

  • Unify Production Data

Our class-leading, AI-enabled, deep learning medical vision systems offer state-of-the art inspection, guidance and sorting. Unify data, failure and metric visuals. Act faster.

  • Increase Yields

Our machine vision solutions deliver increased yields in smart production processes. Maximize quality and eliminate costly escapes, coupled with real-time data and alerts.

Capture every defect, every time

Capture every defect, every time

Powerful and fast inspection

We discover anomalies in production, in real-time, from day one. We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically find medical device & pharmaceutical defects and anomalies as they happen, during the manufacturing cycle.

We provide your production supervisors with real-time data at their fingertips, recognising yield drift, quarantining suspect products and keeping your management in the loop with real statistics – allowing you to deliver 100% automatically inspected and validated product out of the door, with meaningful data behind it. Precision inspection across the entire medical device and pharmaceutical production floor.

In-line vision inspection

State-of-the-art automated verification and rejection

IVS® offer an extensive portfolio of cameras, vision systems and machine vision solutions for all area of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing. From incoming parts inspection, assembly verification, component & metrology checks, through to end of line track and trace. Reduce quality escapes that result in unhappy customers. Whatever size of project, we can help.

A vision system like no other. Advanced algorithms, enhanced intelligence, feature analysis and extendable processing. We cover all areas of machine vision technology, combining application requirements into a single solution. We have you covered, and all validated ready-to-run for the medical industry.

In-line vision inspection
Full MES Integration

Full MES Integration

Automatically connect to your factory information system

IVS® vision inspection fully integrates with factory information and manufacturing execution systems. Integrate with existing parametric tests, measurement systems, and custom data sources from your production. Optimise line efficiency, increase yield, while guaranteeing production quality. IVS systems are designed to integrate directly with all modern MES, SQL and process control platforms.

Faster issue resolution starts with the right data in the right place. IVS® puts a complete product data record including photos, parametric assessments, and measurements, at your fingertips. All validated and designed for your industry. Understand top-priority issues with real-time pareto and statistical process control. Identify corrective actions and process control feedback. Increase your productivity today with IVS vision solutions for better prioritisation and communication.

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    More about medical device and pharmaceutical inspection systems

    Why do medical device manufacturers need to use machine vision?

    Machine vision is now a standard technology applied in medical device manufacturing. It allows for the seamless automated inspection or guidance, coupled with the ability to save tangible, easily-recallable data. Vision systems worked at speed, don’t get tired, and don’t need a break – allowing continuous, repeatable results with known payback for the producers. All systems are validated to GAMP and FDA standards, providing peace of mind that products are being 100% inspected, with the correct system, at speed.

    How does machine vision integrate into automotive production processes?

    How does machine vision integrate into pharmaceutical production processes?

    IVS systems support multi-protocol communication in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Industrial network connectivity is provided out-of-the-box to minimise time for integration and commissioning of the systems into medical manufacturing processes. Real-time ethernet and fieldbus interfaces including Profibus, Modbus, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, CANopen, Ethernet Powerlink, Profinet, Ethernet IP, CC-Link and MQTT are all supported for quick and easy integration into modern automation lines and cells.

    How does machine vision integrate into automotive production processes?
    How does machine vision integrate into automotive production processes?

    What are the advantages of machine vision in medical device production?

    • Improved profitability through a reduced production cycle time.
    • Reduce labour costs, savings and increased reliability of inspection.
    • Increased profitability through early intervention of problems.
    • Improved profitability through maintenance efficiency.
    • Optimisation of process to increase profits.
    • Reduction in down-time, improving onward output and profitability.

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