Robot Control

Vision guided robots enable a flexible approach to feeding and product changes, eliminating the need for costly precision fixtures and allowing different parts to be processed without changing tools.

By accurately determining the position of parts to direct robots, find fiducials, align products and provide positional adjustment feedback, our vision systems use reliable template tracking to deliver this flexibility.UR5 Robot

IVS have completed applications with collaborative industrial robots such as Universal Robots UR3, UR5 and UR10 enabling real time feedback for positioning as well as quality inspection as part of collaboration with an operator. These latest generation robots offer easy programming and safe use with operators.

Precise alignment and 360 degree rotational and pivotal offset provide reliable process controlApplications include tracking parts on conveyors, automatic palletizing and depalletizing, robotic component assembly and robot inspection tasks, as well as the full range of automated inspection tasks requiring cameras to be mounted on robot arms.

See details on our Robot Inspection Cells (IVS-RICi)

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