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Automated Vision Inspection for the Printing and Packaging Industry

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Automated Vision Inspection for the Printing and Packaging Industry

Safeguard the integrity of primary and secondary packaging using IVS vision inspection. Packaging inspection applications in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry are critical to guaranteeing outgoing product safety and quality. Faulty, broken or damaged packaging can adversely affect how customers and consumers perceive product quality, safety, and value – and can result in costly product recalls for the manufacturer. Protect your production now, with our automated vision inspection systems, running 24/7 – providing the eyes for 100% inspection.

Automated Vision Inspection Made Easy

Typical Printing and Packaging Vision Applications

  • Rigid plastic container inspection
  • Carton and box inspection
  • Date, lot and part number verification
  • Print quality correctness
  • Content verification
  • Bottle fill level inspection
  • Damaged carton inspection
  • Packaging measurements and verification
  • Tray and flat package inspection
  • Colour inspection and processing
  • Product inspection
  • Surface inspection and contamination
  • Label inspection and verification to standards
  • Size and feature inspection
  • Seal inspection
  • Correct cap closure
  • Product packaging checks
  • Inserts and specials label detection
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Optical character verification (OCV)
  • Label print correctness
  • Mixed-up product detection
  • Dimensional checks of glass bottles
  • Cap and label tilting detection
  • Glass fill correctness
  • Label stock type verification
  • Seal checks on food containers
  • Tamper seal checks
  • Track and trace serialisation
  • Unique device identifier checks

Simple and reliable systems designed by experts

Explore some of the key features and benefits of using an IVS system for your printing and packaging production process

  • Prevent Costly Recalls

Stop customer recalls and sleep easy at night knowing every product printed, packed or assembled is 100% checked automatically, before it leaves your premises.

  • Visualise Data

Find and detect issues at source. Backed with end-to-end failure analysis tools, management statistics and remote real-time build monitoring, all in a single simple platform.

  • Protect Your Brand

Your consumer reputation is everything. Protect your brand and stop bad products exiting your factory. Increase efficiency and reduce reliance on operators in production.

Smart Inspection

Smart Inspection

Stop product recalls and increase quality

Leverage powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically check print, identify anomalies and drill down on failures in printing and packaging production. The combination of machine vision, deep learning and code reading technology helps guarantee primary and secondary packaging is sealed correctly, tamper-proof, properly assembled, and defect-free to avoid rework and product recalls.

Product recalls are a significant and costly event for any company. A single recall by a supplier can impact countless companies up and down the supply chain. By installing automated inspection manufacturers reduce their chances of a recall, and increase printing and packaging efficiency.

Brand Protection

Trusted technologies to automate quality better

IVS® vision traceability procedures generate a large amount of data that can be effectively exploited. Utilize this readily available data to drill down on print and packaging failures, analyse process and improve production practices. Our smart data management systems assure the best possible production methods for the future.

To assure product continuity, protection, and safety, large-scale manufacturing in printing and packaging necessitates a sophisticated quality control system. For your clients’ entire happiness, accurate product inspection can ensure that each product meets the desired brand standard.

Brand Protection
Automated Inspection

Automated Inspection

Make manual tasks automatic. Maximise quality and stop quality escapes.

Our automated inspection solution for printing and packaging ensures packaging quality, print perfection and product control for guaranteed quality and safety. Our systems are supported by a wide range of cameras, which control all aspects of inspection, from traditional barcode, OCR/OCV verification of variable date and lot numbers, through to the complete inspection of all packaging on the line.

This automated inspection includes correct cap closure, product fill level checks, orientation and position of bottles for labelling, label printing correctness, cosmetic inspection checks as well as box integrity, and damage checks.

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    More about IVS inspection for the printing and packaging industry

    What are the benefits of automated print and packaging quality inspection?

    As the complexity of developing, distributing, and selling products grows as a result of globalisation, more firms are turning to automation to help them manage their operations. While automation has traditionally been used in areas such as production, marketing, and even sales, quality control is one component of corporate operations that is increasingly being automated. Because organisations, especially brands, tend to concentrate their technology on product features or consumer benefits, the productivity gains associated with automated quality control are sometimes underestimated. They shouldn’t be, though. Any company whose products end up in the hands of customers should think about the value of good packaging, and applying automated visual inspection to their production process.

    The benefits of automated quality inspections include:

    • Faster project turnaround time
    • Cost and time savings
    • Guaranteeing 100% inspection of every product
    • Reduced risk of errors and recalls
    • Shorter approval cycles
    What are the benefits of automated print and packaging quality inspection?
    What are the benefits of automated print and packaging quality inspection?

    Pharmaceuticals, printers, and consumer goods companies face their own set of issues when it comes to guaranteeing packaging quality, with thousands of products and hundreds of SKUs. As anyone working in these fields knows, guaranteeing packaging correctness is no easy chore, especially in this day and age when a single minor mistake can have major ramifications for your business. For example, a misprinted label can cost a business thousands of pounds in tangible items and even more in brand equity when customers lose faith in the brand. Do you believe this will never happen to your company? Reconsider your position. These kinds of mistakes are far more common than one may believe.

    The bulk of supermarket and FDA product recalls are caused by labelling errors year after year. Automated quality checks have become the gold standard across a range of businesses due to the risk of packing errors combined with more complex rules. Quality inspection systems, fortunately, are becoming more robust, accessible, and user-friendly than ever before.

    Faster project turnarounds.

    One of the main reasons why firms use quality inspection systems is to reduce revision time, which helps to speed up the quality control process and get items out the door faster. Quality inspection systems streamline the quality control process without sacrificing quality by centralising inspections and allowing an automated vision system to notice faults early (i.e. as they are in production). By comparing samples to customer-approved files automatically, discrepancies such as text, spelling, artwork, and barcode issues can be identified quickly. This helps to avoid inefficient and time-consuming inspections further down the line.

    Faster project turnarounds.
    Faster project turnarounds.