Measuring in machine vision is used to confirm the dimensional accuracy of components, parts and sub-assemblies automatically, without the need for manual intervention. Typical applications for gauging vision systems include:

  • Measuring maximum/minimum dimensions of components, parts or products
  • Measuring inner or outer diameters or centre coordinates of circular products
  • Measuring the roundness or angle of metal parts
  • Dimensional inspection of medical device components and pharmaceutical products
  • Measuring label positions, seals and packaging dimensions
  • Measuring widths of sheet/film products
  • Gauging components on printed circuit boards
  • Checking component and sub-assembly positions

IVS® provides sub-pixel precision vision systems for reliable measurement and dimensionally accurate inspection. From checking simple geometrical tolerances to micron-level detection, customers can be confident that our gauging and measuring vision solutions provide robust and repeatable results. Powerful gauging wizards are incorporated into our vision systems, enabling customers to make sophisticated measurements to sub-pixel accuracy at very high speeds.

Measuring Applications
Measuring Applications
Measuring Applications

Historically, the dimensions of parts and products were measured with gauges or inspection jigs to ensure that there is no variation in measurement accuracy. Gauging using measurement jigs inevitably involved errors due to individual differences among workers and overall measurement conditions. Also, these old methods do not show or report accurate measurement values which can be reviewed, saved and used to conform to process performance.

These methods all share the problem of requiring manual operation which is both time consuming and expensive to perform. With the increased use of industrial automation and quality inspection needed in these environments, vision systems performing high precision automated measurements has become a pre-requisite for the modern factory production line.

Measuring Applications

With IVS® machine vision solutions, dimensions can be taken from captured images at high speed. It is simple to measure the dimensions of multiple areas of parts and products based on this information and judge whether they are within measured tolerances. Another advantage is that manufacturers can measure parts and save all data for statistical process control.

Real-time calibration provides high-performance measuring which is easy and quick to set up, while edge detection and high definition contour analysis provides exact matching and measuring capability.

Automatic data recording, image saving and inspection reporting are included with all IVS® vision systems, providing brand and warranty protection against customer complaints or costly recalls. All data can be saved to factory information systems or directly on the vision system.

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