Vision systems require a controlled lighting environment in order to operate efficiently and consistently. The lighting system specification is therefore critical to the vision system design and integration. We work with the largest LED and custom lighting manufacturers from around the world in order to deliver robust, sophisticated lighting solutions to complement the vision system. Use our engineering teams experience to specify the correct lighting set-up for your machine vision solution.

Our suite of lighting solutions include:

  • Standard and advanced coaxial illumination
  • Dome and flat dome illumination
  • Bright field and dark field illumination
  • Backlight and darkfield backlight illumination
  • Collimated and telecentric backlight illumination
  • Transmissive illumination

Many of our LED ring lights and front lights can be integrated directly onto the camera mounting allowing you the benefit of mounting a single self-contained unit of camera, optic and lighting onto the production line. With one of the smallest form factor cameras in the vision industry the camera and light can be mounted into almost any production line, cell or process.

Our latest generation vision systems are designed around sophisticated lighting solutions and allow for dynamic vision system control in harsh conditions and overall changes in ambient lighting conditions. Lights can be switched on and off directly from the vision system control or dynamically controlled to take account of conditions. Use our expertise to help define the correct lighting structure for your vision system solution. Contact our experts today.

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