Vision Accessories

We provide a full range of vision accessories including camera and lighting enclosures for integration of our vision systems into harsh industrial environments. We have housings, suitable for use in classified areas, food and wash down environments and FDA applicable enclosures.

In conjunction with housings IVS offers a wide selection of mounting components and brackets for our vision systems to allow our solutions to be quickly integrated and protected on the production floor. Our engineers can provide consultancy on the most appropriate components allowing a flexible and adaptable approach to vision system integration.

Every camera requires a cable to connect it to the vision system controller, PC or network. IVS provide a range of cables based on the requirements for flexibility, length, routing and connector type. Our standard cables are available in Firewire, GigE and Camera Link formats.

We provide an extensive range of machine vision optical filters in order to limit wavelengths of light reaching the sensor, to help with the consistent lighting of a product. This allows us to improve image clarity prior to image processing and machine vision evaluation.

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