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Industrial Vision Systems (IVS) machine vision software solutions offer rapid factory integration quality control and company-wide standardization. IVS provide standard off-the-shelf vision inspection capability.

Our systems offer immediate deployment on manufacturing lines, machine vision can be set-up, deployed and maintained by your engineers – previous experience of vision technology is not required.


  • Easy creation and rapid proofing of complex machine vision applications
  • Provides precise, repeatable inspection through full 24 bit colour processing in every function
  • Maintains exceptional high inspection speeds thanks to multi-threading architecture
  • Easy to maintain using touch screen control on the shop floor
  • Built-in integrated logging, image saving and security
  • Functionality for all areas of inspection provided by a single integrated system.
  • Efficient and simple support structure – inspection structures and images can easily be emailed, changed and updated off-line so there is no need to stand on the shop floor making changes.
  • Effortless process integration – Our systems are designed to communicate with all PLCs, master controllers and proprietary factory controls out of the box.

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