Automated Metrology Machines

Validated Automated Metrology Inspection solutions for orthopaedics, medical device components, devices and manufacture.

Automotive Industry Solutions

Automated Inspection

Enhance your quality processes with our non-contact measurement technologies

Benefit from accelerated metrology by using our automated metrology solutions to inspect your products in seconds. Based on our proven platforms, we have a range of non-contact manual or automatic load inspection machines to automate your repetitive, critical to quality metrology inspection tasks.

Automated Quality Assurance Made Easy

Typical Automated Metrology Applications

  • Medical device dimensional metrology
  • Medical device assemblies
  • Dental implants
  • Orthodontic brackets and components
  • Caps and moulds
  • Surgical drills, cutters and tools
  • Surface roughness and finish
  • Orthopaedic joint surface inspection
  • GD&T measurements
  • Orthopaedic screws, bolts and tools
  • Orthopaedic joints and implants
  • 3D printed ortho components
  • Knee, hip and spinal implants
  • Medical screws, inserts and plugs
  • Cardiac components
  • Bone screws and bone screwdrivers
  • Chemical etched products
  • Injection moulded components
  • Medical sub-assemblies
  • Precision gauging and measurement
Automated Metrology Machines
Automated Metrology Machines
Automated Metrology Machines

Simple and reliable systems designed by experts

Explore some of the key features and benefits of using an IVS automated metrology system to improve your speed of production

  • Deep Industry Knowledge

Non-Contact Measurements. Enhance your quality processes with our non-contact measurement technologies. From vision system cameras, confocal sensors, to 3D laser vision – our experts select the right solution for your application.

  • Latest Generation Vision

Accurate, Traceable, Fast. Avoid risk and rest assured knowing IVS systems are calibrated to traceable national standards. Our systems are fully validated for metrology and backed up with testing reports, MSA, and traceable certification.

  • Flexible Inspection

Customised Reporting Optimise your inspection report workflow with our customisable data management. Our highly flexible solutions interface with any factory information system from spreadsheets through to SQL databases.



Automated Metrology Inspection

Enhance your production quality and inspection capabilities with IVS semi-automated and in-process metrology inspection solutions. Maximise your OEE, minimise risk, and reduce costs for a rapid return on investment.

IVS automated metrology inspection systems are highly flexible and adaptable. Based on our standard metrology platforms, we customise our tried-and-tested systems with optimised inspection technologies for your product.

Made to Measure

Proven measurement platforms tailored to your specific needs

Remove uncertainty from your inspection workflow by automating the measurement inspection processes and eliminating human error. Our proven systems significantly improve your inspection reliability, repeatability and efficiency.

Leave nothing to chance by turning to our experienced team of engineers to automate your metrology inspection requirements. Leverage our inspection know-how and automation expertise to maximise your production efficiency, quality, and inspection accuracy.


Automated Loading Solutions

Accelerate Metrology Checks

Accelerate your inspection workflow with IVS range of automated loading and machine tending solutions. From collaborative robot machine tending, to autoloading, to tray stacking.

Benefit from inspecting complete batches with accurate results and automated data collection. Our machine options allow you to tailor the optimum solution for your production workflow.

Improve your lean manufacturing and allocation of resources by leveraging IVS automated metrology solutions. Release your quality team from repetitive, manual inspection operations and improve the productivity of your quality department.

Automated Loading Solutions

  • Tray loading for multiple part inspection
  • Tray stacking and buffering for extended operator-less runtime
  • Part loading with collaborative robots
Automated Loading Solutions Automated Loading Solutions
Reduce Operator Resource Reduce Operator Resource

Reduce Operator Resource

Make manual measurement tasks automatic. Maximise quality and stop quality escapes.

Minimise the time your quality team spend carrying out repetitive off-line CMM inspections with IVS automated metrology inspection. Free your engineers to do what they do best, while our systems take care of the repetitive inspection process.

Enhance product inspection with systems that inspect without deviating from your validated process. Maximise repeatability and reproducibility with IVS tried-and-tested inspection platforms.

Automated Reporting & Data Collection

Improve the efficiency, integrity and accessibility of your data collection. IVS systems automate the reporting process with tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

Optimise your product inspection processes by implementing advanced automation into your workflow. Perform 100% inspection in real-time to match the speed of your production line.

Not only will our system help you automate better – our solutions allow to review the root cause of any problem by providing a complete historical record of every unit inspected. IVS solutions reduce days or weeks of forensic effort by detecting the source of faults quickly, rather than depending on idle data, manually produced reports, destructive teardowns, or time-consuming tests.

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    More about automated metrology inspection systems

    Validation of automated metrology machines.

    We provide validation services for their full range of automate metrology machines to the orthopaedic, medical devices, life sciences and consumer healthcare manufacturing customers.

    These industries increasingly rely on automation so the quality of computer software is assuming greater significance in their operations. All vision systems in these industries must be validated in order to achieve Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) – collectively referred to as GxP.

    Our validation packages follow the standard International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) and Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP5) guidelines; as well as assessment of validation requirements for 21 CFR Part 11. Our packages guarantee you peace of mind, our years of experience in installing and validating vision systems on pharmaceutical production lines and cells gives us in-depth knowledge of equipment functionality.

    IVS validation engineers are trained to understand the specific needs of the industry and identify the vision solutions required for each customer. Each validation project is unique and requires a planned and targeted approach.

    We assess the individual requirements of a project through a process of risk assessment. All necessary project and validation documentation is developed using our standard templates and formats, or your own as required.

    By using original IVS validation services, manufacturers can ensure that their automated metrology inspection machines are tested and proven to the highest standards in a timely and cost-effective manner, achieving fully validated and compliant metrology machines.