Industrial Vision Systems Provides Vision Systems For Collaborative Robots To Aid Productivity

Industrial Vision Systems Ltd (IVS) is now providing vision systems for collaborative robots enhancing its productivity. This new generation of affordable lightweight robots is unlocking new markets and applications as they work side by side with human workers, increasing labour and total factor productivity and eliminating the need for costly precision fixtures allowing different parts to be processed and inspected without changing tools.

Robot Vision Set-Up

By using UR3, UR5, and UR10 model robots from Denmark’s Universal Robots, one of the earliest manufacturers of co-bots, IVS, whose vision systems can be integrated with all major robot manufacturers and control systems, utilises the robots for the inspection of complex components as well as providing positioning feedback to the robot. The UR3 is a smaller table-top robot that can be used to provide camera inspection on multiple sides of complex parts and components, allowing precision automated inspection.

IVS is also using the robots to help assist human workers with inspection processes, which relieves them of more commonplace work meaning they are typically redeployed to higher value tasks that robots cannot do. In the future inspection benches will include space for an operator and a robot to work in partnership as part of the quality control process of production.

Robot Vision System

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