North American vision system market off to solid start in 2015

Good news from North America this week; total sales of machine vision systems and components saw 22% year-over-year growth in the first quarter of 2015, the highest first quarter total since the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) began recording statistics in the market. We are already seeing the ripples of this growth felt on UK shores over the last weeks and months.

In 2014, the North American vision market also experienced the best year since the AIA began recording statistics back in 2009. With 15.3% overall industry growth projected for 2015, representing a total of $2.2 billion, these most recent figures demonstrate that the industry is well on the way to living up to expectations and that software, such as vision technology, is likely to have the significant impact on the market in 2015. In fact, the machine vision systems arena saw a year-over-year increase of 24%.

Applications specific machine vision systems (ASMV) increased 24%. Additionally, machine vision components, including cameras, lighting, and software, saw an 11% growth in Q1 of 2015. Lighting grew by 28%, while cameras grew 11% and software 8%.

Overall, this is welcome and positive news for the UK manufacturing sector, it appears manufacturing companies are hiring more staff, with employment in the sector increasing for the 26th consecutive month.

At IVS, we continue to see interest and demand for machine vision products in industries such a medical device, pharmaceutical, and automation, which is great for the long term health of these markets.

With the North America machine vision market off to a solid start in 2015, it is clear to see that an increasing number of organisations and companies across various sectors are noting the value that machine vision and imaging systems can have on the bottom-line of their business.

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