IVS featured in “InVision” magazine in Germany

An article by Christian Demant, Director of IVS, has appeared in the leading German machine vision magazine, “InVision” ( The article describes a 3D final inspection industrial automation line for quality control of insulation parts – designed, built and integrated by Industrial Vision Systems. The report covers the major vision inspection elements of the machine process, including:

3D Vision – 3D vision sensors from above and below scan the product, to build up a complete 3D profile of the surface allowing small surface inclusions, dents and raised defects to be automatically assessed and rejected.

All cosmetic and topography is automatically checked.

2D Vision – Precision 2D machine vision cameras from above and below create an accurate measurement profile of the part allowing finite metrology checks on the product. Vision sensors for automated sorting and inspection.

Metal Detection – Automated metal detection allows any rogue metallic parts which could have embedded into the product to be identified.

Check Weigher – The inspection line has to cope with varying sizes of product; the check weigher accurately checks weight allowing over or undersized product to be automatically rejected.
Printing Inspection – Upon passing all inspection processes, the product is automatically marked, and this mark is then automatically inspected by the vision system.

Pick and Place – Good product are picked and stacked, ready for immediate packing by the operator. Reject parts are allowed to run off the outfeed reject zone for reject or rework.

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