“Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology” – IVS featured in leading international Pharmaceutical magazine.

The articles covers how traditional image processing techniques are being superseded by vision systems utilising deep learning and artificial intelligence in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers must be lean, with high-speeds, and an ability to switch product variants quickly and easily, all validated to ‘Good Automated Manufacturing Practice’ (GAMP). Most medical device production processes involve some degree of vision inspection, generally due to either validation requirements or speed constraints (a human operator will not keep up with the speed of production). Therefore, it is critical that these systems are robust, easy-to-understand and seamlessly integrate within the production control and factory information system.

Historically, such vision systems have used traditional machine vision algorithms to complete some everyday tasks: such as device measurement, surface inspection, label reading and component verification. Now, new “deep-learning” algorithms are available to provide an ability for the vision system to “learn”, based on samples shown to the system – thus allowing the quality control process to mirror how an operator learns the process. So, these two systems differ: the traditional system being a descriptive analysis, and the new deep learning systems based on predictive analytics.

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IVS featured in “InVision” magazine in Germany

An article by Christian Demant, Director of IVS, has appeared in the leading German machine vision magazine, “InVision” (www.invision-news.de). The article describes a 3D final inspection industrial automation line for quality control of insulation parts – designed, built and integrated by Industrial Vision Systems. The report covers the major vision inspection elements of the machine process, including:

3D Vision – 3D vision sensors from above and below scan the product, to build up a complete 3D profile of the surface allowing small surface inclusions, dents and raised defects to be automatically assessed and rejected.

All cosmetic and topography is automatically checked.

2D Vision – Precision 2D machine vision cameras from above and below create an accurate measurement profile of the part allowing finite metrology checks on the product. Vision sensors for automated sorting and inspection.

Metal Detection – Automated metal detection allows any rogue metallic parts which could have embedded into the product to be identified.

Check Weigher – The inspection line has to cope with varying sizes of product; the check weigher accurately checks weight allowing over or undersized product to be automatically rejected.
Printing Inspection – Upon passing all inspection processes, the product is automatically marked, and this mark is then automatically inspected by the vision system.

Pick and Place – Good product are picked and stacked, ready for immediate packing by the operator. Reject parts are allowed to run off the outfeed reject zone for reject or rework.

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IVS featured in “Robots and Production” Magazine in Germany

An article by Christian Demant, Director of IVS, has appeared in the leading German manufacturing technology magazine, “Robots and Production” (www.robotik-produktion.de/). The article reports on the standards and risk assessments carried out by IVS with regard to installation of vision systems onto robots. The latest IVS-RICi Robot Inspection Cells are included in the article, included highlights relating to a recent machine sold to a major automotive manufacturer. IVS continue to develop state-of-the-art machine vision cameras, systems and machines for use in multi-robot inspection cells.

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IVS Makes Front Cover Of Leading Machine Vision Industry Magazine

We were delighted to have featured the lead article in the prestigious industry magazine, Vision Systems Design.

With clear IVS branding on the front cover of the magazine, we were also given the opportunity to contribute a double-page editorial which reviewed our vision system capabilities when inspecting automotive electronic assemblies.

Vision Systems Design is the leading global publication serving engineering, design and integration professionals who are decision makers for vision and image processing. Therefore, the readership for this particular article is extremely suitable for Industrial Vision Systems.

Vision Systems Desgin

Lead Article in Vision Systems Design Magazine

February 2015. IVS have appeared on the front cover of the latest edition (Feb 2015) of Vision Systems Design magazine with the lead article regarding automotive sub-assembly inspection. The five page article describes a complex vision installation designed and integrated by IVS for a major Tier 1 automobile component supplier.

Vision Systems Design

Vision Systems Design is the leading web and magazine portal for the machine vision industry providing engineers with up-to-date and unbiased information regarding vision inspection, machine vision and image processing.

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