New Automated Inspection Machine Offers Artificial Intelligence to the Food & Drink Industry

Industrial Vision Systems (IVS) has launched a new automated inspection and rejection machine that provides critical quality checks after the final packing process has been completed. The IVS-LAMi-P utilises state-of-the-art artificial intelligence machine vision technology, providing the user with automated high-speed and critical inspection tasks checking packs, labels, seal, print, size, defect and overall product quality.

Designed for ease of set-up and quick product changeover, the IVS-LAMi-P will automatically reject bad products which, in turn, reduces customer fines and enhances the bottom-line of a business. This also ensures a high level of quality leaves the factory floor from manufacturers representing the food and drink industry. The machine also comes with various options to suit the customer. This includes physical or air reject options; an optional link to scanners and factory information systems; the machines can also be custom designed to suit a business’s specific production needs.

Packaging Inspection Vision Inspection Machine

With optional multi vision sensors the machine can provide adaptable inspection from all sides of the product reducing the need for manual inspection providing a guarantee of product quality being delivered to customers.

The IVS-LAMi-P will fully inspect dates and codes; package size measurements; label placement and alignment; film colour verification; and print quality inspection. In addition, the machine also provides 1D and 2D code checking and saves both HD photos of rejected items along with statistical shift data and information for future reference.

The IVS-LAMi-P machine is fully designed to increase the bottom-line of a business by reducing customer fines and enhancing the quality of products leaving the factory floors, IVS have taken the very latest in AI technology and made it readily useable. Available to manufacturers in key industries such as food, drink, printing and packaging the machines have been developed with the very latest vision technology to replace human inspectors at the end of line. Quality control can now be fully automated given peace of mind to food producers. IVS are committed to continuously delivering products and services of the highest quality and greatest value to our customers which they can, in turn, pass on to their own customer-base.

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