Launch Of In-Process Vision Inspection Machines for the Medical Device Industry

Industrial Vision Systems (IVS) a supplier of machine vision solutions to industry, has introduced its new In-Process Vision Inspection Machine (IVS-INPi-M). Using latest generation artificial intelligence vision system technology, the IVS-INPi-M machine will now provide medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers with enhanced automated quality assurance.

Designed for use after the assembly and build processes, the IVS-INPi-M features conveyor in-feed, as well as multiple axis and integrated reject for optimal quality control checks. The system provides high-speed, high definition inspection from multiple angles at micron level through adaptable vision sensors, allowing full automatic quality control as part of the in-line build process. Typical applications include end of line pack checks, assembly conformance, medical device body inspection and rogue part detection.

Created with versatility in mind, the IVS-INPi-M can also stand alone as an autonomous inspection solution. Easy to program, with swift set up, the IVS-INPi-M is highly accurate and provides peace of mind for in-process assembly inspection operations. The machine can also be adapted to suit particular production environments and line build requirements.

Largely maintenance free, the inspection machine is operated via a touch screen, with the ability for automated and rapid product changes without operator intervention. In addition the system stores and records HD images of every product manufactured combined with all statistical process control data. The machine is provided fully validated to GAMP, ISPE and FDA regulations.

Further details on the product can be found at:

In-Process Automated Inspection

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