New Automated Inspection Cell Enhances Quality Checks for the Automotive Industry

Launched by Industrial Visions Systems the IVS-ELCi removes human error and completely inspects final vehicles for conformance

Industrial Vision Systems (IVS) (, a supplier of machine vision solutions to the automotive industry, has introduced its new end of line automated car inspection and conformance cell – the IVS-ELCi. The new product will enable automotive manufacturers to automate repetitive and critical inspection tasks covering entire vehicles which, in turn, will free operators from more mundane tasks allowing them to focus on other areas of the business. The system has been developed due to the ever increasing diversity of options available in modern vehicle production.

Using up to 50 sensors for a complete 360-degree check of every vehicle, the IVS-ELCi also automatically saves images and data which provides evidence for the manufacturer protecting them against potential recalls or warranty claims. The quick to install cell with swift set-up uses adaptable artificial intelligence vision sensors which provide critical quality inspection criteria across the entire vehicle build cycle.

Crucially, the IVS-ELCi inspects at high speed with precision detail which means operators are then freed up to add value to other stages of the automotive inspection and production process. Typical applications of the machine include exhaust type confirmation, licence plate variants, vehicle decals, logos, alloy wheels, door handles, mirror scalps and trim match. The product provides a 100% guaranteed final quality check before every car leaves the factory floor.

“Having highly accurate information and added peace of mind in the final vehicle acceptance stages is a primary concern for every manufacturer operating in the automotive industry. The IVS-ELCi system allows manufacturers to rest assured in the knowledge that quality control is being handled accurately and automatically utilising the very latest in cutting edge machine vision technology. This enables their employees to step away from the inspection tasks to focus on other elements of the production process which will eventually improve the overall performance of the business.”

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